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Sale of tobacco leaves

We have been supplying top quality Bulgarian tobacco for over two years. We fulfil orders for any quantity of tobacco with a guarantee of quality and fast delivery within Germany, with the possibility of personal collection. Our customers appreciate stable and reliable deliveries and the price depends on the size of the order – from 4 to 8 euros per kilo.

Why us?

Top quality at the best price

When it comes to quality we do not compromise and that is why we only supply Bulgarian Virgin tobacco of the first grade. Many years of cooperation with producers allows us to offer the best prices on the market.

Fast and reliable delivery

We carry out direct deliveries throughout Germany. We only work with reliable carriers, so we can guarantee our customers fast and reliable delivery.

Unique packaging system

A proprietary packaging and transport system is our differentiator in the market for tobacco leaf delivery. In this way our customers receive a product of the highest quality intact.

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Tobacco leaves

Tobacco is a plant which is cultivated in many parts of the world and comes in many varieties differing in leaf colour, aroma and flavour. Properly dried and processed tobacco leaves are the main ingredient of one of the most popular stimulants – cigarettes. However, buying ready-made cigarettes is not the only option – smokers can also roll their own cigarettes using properly prepared, high-quality tobacco leaves. This makes it easy to obtain a great quality product at a much lower price than the standard cost of a packet of cigarettes in the shop. Tobacco leaves are also used by pipe smokers.

Sale of tobacco leaves

We offer you carefully selected Bulgarian Virgin tobacco leaves of the first grade. It is the best raw material available on the market, straight from Bulgarian cultivation, with excellent aroma and taste, appreciated by smokers all over the world. Thanks to many years of experience and cooperation with Bulgarian producers, we are able to guarantee our customers the best price for tobacco leaf and fast and reliable delivery within Germany. Ordering tobacco leaves from us you have a guarantee of the highest quality and receiving the product intact – we have developed a unique way of packing tobacco leaves to order, which gives our customers full satisfaction!

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Wholesale of tobacco leaves

The price for tobacco leaves depends on the size of the order and varies between 4-8 euros per kilo. We are also a wholesaler – all our orders are delivered directly to the whole of Germany. We ensure timely, reliable deliveries of leaf tobacco to any location, regardless of quantity! Simply contact our tobacco leaf wholesaler Tabakblatt using one of the available forms of contact – we will be happy to advise you on any questions you may have regarding the sale of tobacco leaves and to answer any questions you may have regarding delivery and costs. Fast, reliable delivery and top quality tobacco leaves at the best price – all this is waiting for you at Tabakblatt tobacco leaf wholesale – welcome!

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